All Play White

All Play White is the ideal turf for complementing various short multipurpose turfs requiring white lines. Additionally, it serves as a fantastic enhancement, seamlessly blending into your putting green designs to elevate the aesthetics and bring your greens to a higher standard.


Key Features

  • Resilient yarn structure enhances fiber strength for increased durability
  • Yarns with UV stabilization to prevent sun-induced fading
  • Flame-resistant, acid-resistant yarn offering protection against chemical exposure


• Pile Height: 1 1/4”
• Face Weight: 78 oz
• Total Weight: 105 oz
• Yarn Color: White
• Thatch Color: White
• Yarn Material: Slit Film Poly
• Thatch Material: Texturize PE
• Primary Backing Material: 7oz K29 Dual Layered Non-expansive
• Secondary Coating Material: 20oz Polyurethane
• Tuft Bind: >10 lbs.
• Machine Gauge: 3/8”
• Infill Ratio: 1 – 2 lbs
• Roll Width: 15’
• Warranty: 15 year

Drainage System

Feature: The turf includes a punch hole drainage system capable of handling over 28 inches of water per hour, making it low maintenance and pet friendly. This advanced drainage technology prevents yellowing patches and bare spots, ensuring a consistently lush and healthy lawn.