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Elite Turf values the power of community. Our referral program is designed to thank and reward those who help us connect with new clients

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An easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide
on the referral process

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Encourage spreading the word about the services.

Use Your Unique Referral Code

Explain how the referral code will be used to track the leads.

Use Your Unique Referral Code

Briefly mention the reward (e.g., 2.5% of the total sale) without overemphasizing it.

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Exclusive Benefits of the
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Welcome to a realm where success knows no bounds – the Elite Partners Program. As we extend our hand to invite you into this exclusive community, we're thrilled to unveil a gateway to unparalleled advantages that await you. The Elite Partners Program isn't just a collaboration; it's a journey towards unlocking your full potential, backed by a host of exclusive benefits designed to propel you towards unprecedented success. Join us as we delve into the transformative world of opportunities that define the essence of being an elite partner.

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Referral Partner Commission Tax Information

As part of our commitment to transparency and compliance, we provide important tax-related information for our valued referral partners. Below is a brief overview of the tax implications and requirements associated with the 2% referral commission offered by Elite Turf.

Understanding Your Tax Obligations

Taxable Commission: The 2% referral commission you earn through Elite Turf is taxable income, subject to federal and state tax regulations.

In accordance with federal law, for commissions exceeding $600, a 1099 form must be completed and kept on file.

Mandatory Form 1099 Submission: To adhere to IRS requirements, all referral partners must complete and submit a Form 1099. This document is crucial for accurate tax reporting and is necessary to process your commission payments.

Form 1099 Submission Process

Complete the Form: Fill out the Form 1099 with the necessary information.

Submit the Form: You can submit the completed form in one of two ways:

Email: Send it to [email protected]

Mail: Post it to Elite Turf, 1811 East Parkside Lane, Phoenix, AZ 85024

We encourage all our referral partners to complete this process promptly to ensure seamless commission payments. Your cooperation greatly aids in maintaining efficient and compliant financial practices.

Should you have any inquiries or need assistance with the Form 1099, please feel free to contact us. We're here to help!