Pet Flow

Pet Flow is meticulously designed to provide the longest-lasting and most realistic turf for your beloved furry companion. Our innovative draining technology ensures an exceptionally low-maintenance experience, keeping your yard free from unsightly patches and maintaining a fresh aroma that is vital for your pet's well-being.

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Key Features


CoolFlo Technology: Unique yarn shaping enhances airflow, reducing surface temperature.

ProFlo Technology: A fully permeable backing achieves rapid drainage of 100+ inches per hour.

Unique Wide Wave Blades: Distinctive blade design for added performance.

Durable Yarn Shape: Enhances fiber strength for increased durability.

UV Stabilized Yarns: Resist sun-induced fading, ensuring prolonged vibrancy.

Non-Flammable, Anti-Acid Yarn: Resilient against chemical exposure, promoting safety and durability.


Pile Height: 1 1/8”
Face Weight: 60 oz
Total Weight: 84 oz
Yarn Color: Field/Olive
Thatch Color: Brown/Green
Yarn Material: Monofilament Polyethylene (PE)
Thatch Material: Texturized PE
Backing Material: 24oz Permeable Polyurethane
Tuft Bind: >10 lbs.
Machine Gauge: 3/8”
Infill Ratio: 1 – 2 lbs
Roll Width: 15’
Drain Rate: >100 inch per hour
Shipping Weight: 1000 lbs per roll (15 x 100)
Roll Diameter: 24 inches
Warranty: 15 year
Recommended Use: Moderate to High Traffic

Drainage System

Feature: The turf includes a punch hole drainage system capable of handling over 28 inches of water per hour, making it low maintenance and pet friendly. This advanced drainage technology prevents yellowing patches and bare spots, ensuring a consistently lush and healthy lawn.