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Customizable Add-On Services:

Tailored Turf Repair: Pricing varies with repair scope.

Extended Area Coverage: Adjusted rates for areas beyond 400 sq ft.

Extra TurfSquad Fresh: Keep the freshness going with additional purchases.

* Cost based on 400 sq ft and The Turf Refresh Package.


Safe for Kids and Pets

Enjoy your artificial lawn immediately after application of The Turf Squad's products - they're eco-friendly, effective, and leave a pleasant scent! As soon as we've applied our treatment, the enzymes start their magic. Planning a gathering or have playful kids and pets? Feel free to use your lawn right away.


Assured Freshness

Trust in the expertise of The Turf Squad professionals to keep your artificial lawn looking and feeling fresh. Should our service not meet your high standards, rest assured, we're committed to rectifying it. Your satisfaction is our guarantee.


Designed for Eliminating Pet Smells

At The Turf Squad, we've pioneered unique turf cleaning solutions. Unlike competitors who rely on potent chemicals and overpowering scents to hide pet smells, The Turf Squad utilizes safe, organic components. Our formula is specifically created to neutralize odors, ensuring the safety of both pets and children.

Elite Services for Your Turf:

Odor-Free Solution

Don’t just hide pet odors—eliminate them effectively with our eco-friendly approach.

Premium Brooming

 Begin with comprehensive debris removal and turf grooming, enhancing drainage and removing contaminants.

Thorough Inspection

Our experts meticulously check your turf's condition, making necessary adjustments and weed removal for optimal appearance.

Innovative TurfSquad Fill:

We apply our unique fill to combat pet urine odors, with an average of 100 lbs of new infill in every service.

Turf Squad Clean Application

Conclude with our bacterial combatant cleaner, ensuring deep penetration and lasting freshness.

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