$2.59/sq. ft.

Tour Elite is designed to give you the most realistic roll of your putts and allows you to elevate your golf game in the comfort of your own backyard. With the fresh colors of Viridian and Field, your personal putting green will naturally stand out. Tour Elite is above all the others.


Key Features

  • A durable yarn shape creates stronger fiber strength
  • UV-stabilized yarns to resist fading from the sun
  • Non-flammable, anti-acid yarn resistant to chemical attack
  • Natural Rubber backing allows for a smoother install



• Pile Height: 5/8"
• Face Weight: 52 oz
• Total Weight: 84 oz
• Yarn Color: Viridian/Field
• Yarn Material: Texturized Polypropylene (PP)
• Backing Material: 32 oz Natural Rubber Backing
• Primary Backing Material: 7oz
• Secondary Coating Material: 25oz Action Back Rubber
• Turf Bind: >10 lbs.
• Machine Gauge: 3/6″
• Infill Ratio: 2 - 3 lbs
• Roll Width: 15'
• Warranty: 15 year

Call to Order: +(602) 456-0752


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