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Unveiling the Power of Sun Screens and UV Tint: Shielding Your Paradise with Elite Turf

Welcome to the world of Elite Turf, where innovation meets protection, and outdoor bliss is redefined. With over 15 years of mastery and an astounding portfolio of over 6000 successful projects, we stand at the forefront of the sun screens and UV tint industry. Join us on a journey through the remarkable benefits of sun screens and UV tint, uncovering their transformative prowess and understanding why Elite Turf is the ultimate choice for safeguarding your outdoor havens against the harsh embrace of the sun.

Redefining Excellence, Setting New Standards.


In the realm of outdoor living, sun screens and UV tint emerge as the superheroes of preservation, shielding your landscapes, furnishings, and artificial grass from the potentially damaging effects of the sun's radiant energy. As leading experts in the field, Elite Turf understands the intricate dance between comfort and preservation, crafting solutions that seamlessly integrate aesthetics with functionality.

Artificial Grass Lifesaver: While artificial grass offers a year-round, vibrant landscape, the sun's reflection can inadvertently lead to melting. Elite Turf's sun screens serve as a guardian, preventing the sun's intense rays from causing harm, ensuring your lush artificial grass remains intact and beautiful.

Climate Control: Sun screens and UV tint significantly reduce solar heat gain, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor spaces without the discomfort of excessive heat. They create a cool, inviting atmosphere, making every moment outdoors a refreshing escape.

UV Radiation Defense: Our sun screens and UV tint act as a barrier against harmful UV radiation. Protecting your skin and furnishings alike, these solutions minimize fading, discoloration, and deterioration, preserving the longevity of your investments.

Enhanced Aesthetics: Blending seamlessly with your outdoor environment, our sun screens and UV tint contribute to the visual appeal of your space. Their sleek, modern designs elevate the overall ambiance while providing multifaceted protection.

Energy Efficiency: By reducing solar heat gain, sun screens and UV tint contribute to energy savings. As your space remains cooler, you'll experience a reduction in energy consumption, leading to eco-conscious benefits and potential cost savings.


At Elite Turf, our passion for innovation and commitment to excellence are the cornerstones of our approach. Our seasoned experts, armed with over 15 years of experience, meticulously design and install sun screens and UV tint tailored to your unique needs. We understand that every outdoor space is a canvas of possibility, and our solutions reflect this understanding.


Our team of experts possesses an unmatched understanding of the sun screens and UV tint technology. With intricate attention to detail, we ensure flawless installation that seamlessly integrates into your outdoor design.


Elite Turf exclusively sources high-quality materials that withstand the test of time and the harshness of the elements. Our sun screens and UV tint are designed for longevity, durability, and enduring beauty.


Every project is a testament to our dedication to customization. Whether you're seeking sun screens that harmonize with your architectural aesthetic or UV tint that enhances your privacy, our experts collaborate with you to manifest your vision.


In the world of outdoor living, the sun is both friend and foe. Embrace the protective embrace of Elite Turf's sun screens and UV tint, elevating your outdoor lifestyle while preserving your investments. With our proven expertise, commitment to quality, and mastery in installation, we stand as the paragon of excellence in the sun screens and UV tint industry. Experience the transformative power of safeguarded outdoor bliss - choose Elite Turf today!

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"Got my yard done and I couldn't be happier Shawn and his team were professional and knowledgeable Hightly recommended"


"We used this company to add turf to our front yard. Project completed on time, great quality, and very professional."


"Scott and the crew at Elite Turf were amazing from the start. Elite Turf was easy to work with and open the changes we made prior to the start of our backyard. The project exceed our expectations and we couldn’t be happier to have Elite Turf perform the work!"


"A really great experience with Elite Turf on our large residential job! They replaced our backyard grass, added turf and a putting green, and also added Turf near our front door walk up area along with additional turf strips on the perimeter and courtyard of the house. I highly recommend Elite Turf, their service was five star all the way and this was one of the best bang for the buck home-improvement projects I’ve ever had including dozens of projects over the past 40 years on many homes!"


"This company far exceeded our expectations, Shawn was so great to work with. They are prompt, efficient and definitely deliver what they promise! I highly recommend Elite Turf, we couldn't be happier with our new beautiful yard!"


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